Prepare Iot Device

In case Raspberry Pi

What you need

The following pieces of stuff are necessary.

  • Raspberry Pi: No matter what model, whenever you can prepare the internet connection.
  • SD card: Raspberry Pi OS installed SD card with the network set up.
  • Power Supply:

Necessary for Remote watching by USB Webcam

  • USB WebCam: need it in case you would use MONITOR™ as Remote watching with the still camera. No matter what kind of USB Webcam can be used. Even Berry old used Webcam or just 2$ inexpensive Webcam, it's OK.

Necessary for Send Sensor Data

The following piece of stuff is as needed.

  • USB hub: In case the number of the USB port is insufficient.
  • USB on the go cable:

The internet connection

There are several possible ways to provide an internet connection to the RaspberryPi. For example,

  • With LAN cable.
  • With Wifi:
    • RaspberryPi embedded the Wifi module.
    • USB Wifi Dongle
  • With USB 3G dongle

For Internet access, both flat-rate fix network and 3G network are OK. For Remote watching with the still camera, even with the non-flat-rate 3G network, with adjusting an interval of posting image, you can keep a monthly fee about 10$. For detail of how to use the 3G network, this article might be informative.

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