The MONITOR service provides visualization for your IoT products. The main features are as follows:

  • Show the latest picture posted from device
  • Show a time-series chart of latest sensor values posted from device.
  • Provide download link of .csv file which contain latest sensor values.


On the web browser, MONITOR display consist of following parts:

  • Mobile Collapse Button
  • Menu Bar
  • Element Display
    • View Elements
    • Value Elements

Mobile Collapse Button

The Collapse Button for mobile display, which has same menu items with the Menu Bar.

Menu Bar which has displayed on only wide display like PC.

Element Display

Display area for Picture or Data which taken & posted from your Device. Element has a status Active & Inactive. Active Element is shown on the Display and Inactive Element is hide. The Active and Inactie of the element can be selected by the Elements menu in the Menu Bar or Mobile Collapse Button.

View Elements

Display Elements of Picture. At Default, you have one View Elements and this is activated.

Value Elements

Display Elements of Data. At Default, you have three Value Elements and all of these are inactivated.

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