for Your D.I.Y. Camera & Sensors

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Still Picture Remote Watching for free

MONITOR™ is a Still Picture based Remote Watching Web Service. You can push Still Picture periodically from your WebCam, and you can watch the latest Picture from your Browser.

MONITOR™ server keep to catch posting pictures, leave the latest picture and delete old pictures, and show the latest picture when requested from the Browser.


Inexpensive Remote Watching all over the world

Because of MONITOR™ is a Still Picture based, the data traffic is extremely small. Even though the 3G network in case the frat-rate network cannot be available, you can watch a place all over the world for about 10$ monthly pay with International Data SIM.

You can make your remote camera with inexpensive commercial parts without bothersome works.

The software to take & send a photo, to connect the 3G network, and to other useful purposes are also available.


Besides, Watching Sensor Data

In addition to watching a picture, watching Sensor Data is also available if necessary.

A versatile multipurpose python module for sensor handling is available. Not only you can post any sensor data to the MONITOR™, but also you can save it on the SD Card, post to other IoT services like M2X or AWS, and so on.

to Keep a Watch by Yourself

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Make inexpensive & fitting D.I.Y. Monitoring System

You can make inexpensive & fitting D.I.Y. Monitoring System with the MONITOR. You can choose various inexpensive & versatile Camera & sensor devices on an eShop site like Amazon, eBay, and so on.

You can send Photo & data

  • at an interval
  • at an event occurred like Camera detect something moving or sensor detect something happenig
  • For network connection, followings are available:

  • use an existing network with WiFi or LAN cable
  • use an inexpensive USB 3G dongle with global 3G Data SIM even in case there is no network connection.
  • For example, a 3G dongle & motion detection camera is a good combination for making Wildlife Camera or Farm monitoring, with inexpensive & fitting.

    MONITOR might be competent in learning D.I.Y. electronics, making capable monitoring system in a short time with inexpensive, especially in case that short time & inexpensive is a vital necessity, for example, a river monitoring system for a temporal purpose like for just between a typhoon is coming and going.

    Just adding 1 line of posting code, your existing IoT product get upgraded as Web Monitor

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    Please try using & give us your feedback

    Your tried using & feedback must be vital for me to improve the MONITOR. Not only feedback on the MONITOR feature but also the feedback of unmatured description on the documentation are very welcome.
    I really appreciate your tried using the MONITOR and giving me any feedback to email: or twitter: @TakeyukiUeda. Thank you!